Ensure your company’s success by partnering with The Wellness Group.

Our vaccination services along with our health screenings will enable your company to visibly decrease annual medical costs while improving the health and well-being of your most important investment…YOUR EMPLOYEES.

Join corporations that have experienced a reduced rate of absenteeism, witnessed an increase in productivity, seen improvement in employee morale as well created a healthier environment for everyone.

Take a look at these staggering figures:

The average employee will cost your company $604 on a yearly basis due to unscheduled absences.

The average cost for the entire country is $9.4 BILLION in sick leave due to the flu.

The average employee is absent from work for 4 days a year due to the flu.

In America there are 70 Million missed work days each year due to the flu.

Each year 15-60 Million Americans contract the flu virus.

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